Business Services

Business Services


Supporting the Workforce to Meet the Needs of Businesses in Northern New Mexico

Employers in Northern New Mexico face many challenges in keeping up with hiring skilled and motivated workers to meet their needs. New Mexico Workforce Connection offices are a one-stop resource for finding competent employees to meet the diverse needs of the various businesses in Northern New Mexico.

The New Mexico Workforce Connection staff has developed and nurtured valuable business connections to help serve businesses throughout Northern New Mexico. A varied assortment of services are tailored and specialized to ensure that these businesses accomplish results based on the business-driven structure fostered by each Office.


Employer Access to Workforce Connection Centers: The New Mexico Workforce Connection offers employers access to qualified, trained, pre-screened applicants and resources at one location.

On-line Convenience:  Employers are often too busy to be occupied with hiring needs during regular business hours. On-line you can: define skills and post job orders to find potential candidates; research labor market information on salaries and economic data; set up a virtual recruiter search agent to automatically find candidates within New Mexico that match the job skills of the job order; and communicate with job seekers, case managers, training providers and others within the system.  Email registration is required for some of the services (see Business Services). 

Qualified Applicant Referrals: Applicants are pre-screened so employers can immediately view specific skills, work history and dependability of potential hires.Learn about our skills-based assessments and contact our Business Services team.

On-the-Job Training: We provide job training services for underemployed individuals. Employers who hire an eligible individual under a job training contract will be reimbursed for 50% of that employee's wages for the length of their contract, with the optimum result being permanent, full-time employment of the individual upon completion of the training period.

Job Fairs: We have the capability to set up job fairs to showcase your company so that potential employees can find out first-hand what your business has to offer.

Layoff Assistance: We can assist in addressing mass layoffs by providing services to workers dislocated by plant closures and layoffs, as well as provide regular dislocated worker activities.

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