Adult Services Offered


Skills Assessment: Assess career interests, work readiness and work values pertaining to an array of careers.

Job Search Assistance: Learn about different occupations, conducting a job search, preparing a resume, interviewing techniques, researching company information, contacting employers, and conducting follow-up on submitted applications and resumes.

On-line Accessibility:  We provide computers so you can find jobs in your town or county, match your skills with the jobs that are available right now, create resumes and cover letters, send job opportunities to your email account, and more. You can also apply for unemployment benefits. 

Resource Room: Browse written and electronic materials on resume writing and occupations, read more about various careers, obtain labor market information, find apprenticeships and job opportunities.  

Workshops:  We offer workshops on a number of topics, including 

  •  Basic Computer Operation
  •  Navigating Websites
  •  Quick Tips for an Effective Resume
  •  Interviewing Techniques
  •  Job Search Basics