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Ralph Richards Completes Tenure as NALWDB Chairman

Ralph RichardsAfter 4 years of serving as the NALWDB Chairman, Mr. Ralph Richards, owner/operator of Earl’s Restaurant in Gallup, NM officially completed his term of office on July 1, 2015.

Mr. Richards was recognized by the Board and staff for his time and dedicated service to the NALWDB.  Under his tenure as Chairman beginning in October 2011, the Board has accomplished a number of achievements well worth mentioning and of which he should be proud. With his guidance and support, WIA service delivery improved and headed in a new direction

A new Executive team was formed; with the vision of the Officers and Committees, a new and improved action agenda was set. For the first time since 2002, there was a concerted effort to reach out and engage the Northern Area’s Chief Elected Officials.  Today, we have signed Memorandum’s of Understanding with nearly half of our 32 CEO entities.  Annual CEO meetings have been held consistently during his service to the Board, and a Lead CEO now resides on the Board to represent the interests and concerns of the CEOs.

Also under Mr. Richard’s leadership,   three (3) Northern Area Workforce Centers are located in no-cost facilities, resulting in a significant savings to the Board.  In turn, these funds have been re-allocated to direct client services.  In Program Year 2011, 8% of WIA funds received by the Board were spent on direct client services.  Today, entering Program Year 2015, that number has escalated to 42.5%.

Mr. Richards was presented with a beautiful piece of New Mexican artisanship. It is intended to remind him in years to come of the significant role he played in helping improve the lives of citizens that reside within the Northern Area region. 

Mr. Richards will remain a Board member under the direction of newly-elected Chairman, Mr. Floyd Archuleta, who represents business and is the Chief Executive Officer of SKYBLUWireless.

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